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This page contains a guide to the SMART Training Materials and how to use them.

Note:  The SMART Training Materials - Icon Guide document contains a comprehensive list of the icons used within all SMART Training Materials.  The Icon Guide provides the user with a graphic example of each icon and a description for each icon.


  • Checklists are numbered and have a title   For example:  Checklist 1 – Cannot Pull PO into Voucher

  • Each Checklist document contains a ‘Checkmark’ graphic in the top left corner (as shown to the left of this text)

  • Each Checklist is intended to help the end user address and trouble shoot a specific question or issue within SMART 

  • Each Checklist contains a comprehensive list of SMART Training Materials that relate to the Checklist question or the module area.  For example:  Foundation Information, Tools, UPK’s, Scenarios, Examples, Job Aids, and Solution Articles.

Foundation Information

Brick Wall icon indicating Foundation Information
  • Foundation information provides important ‘building block’ information regarding SMART’s basic functionality requirements which impact each SMART module and its business processes.

  • Each Foundation Information section contains a ‘brick wall’ graphic (as shown to the left of this text)


Road sign with hammer and wrench depicting Tools icon.
  • Tools are designed to provide information regarding key pages, important fields, or SMART components that can be used to research and view additional information pertaining to an issue or a  module

  • Tools are named by SMART Module, Tool number, and Title.  For example:  PO Tool 1 – Activity Summary Page

  • Each Tool document contains a ‘Tool Sign’ graphic in the top left corner (as shown to the left of this text)


Puzzle piece icon indicating a Scenario
  • Scenarios are designed to provide solutions to the ‘Checklist’ questions or issues

  • Scenarios are associated to Checklists.  Each Scenario contains a Scenario Number, and each scenario is named according to the issue it addresses.  For example:  Scenario 1.1 – Voucher – Cannot pull PO into Voucher / PO - ‘Use Procurement Card’ Link Visible?
  • Scenarios should be used in order according to their Scenario Number when resolving a Checklist issue.  For example: Scenario 1.1, then 1.2, then 1.3, and so on.

  • Each Scenario document contains:  A ‘Puzzle Piece’ graphic in the top left corner (as shown to the left of this text), steps for decisions and resolutions, and a scenario explanation (in the yellow text box).