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New Users - SMART Job Aids

This page contains the SMART Training Materials for new users of SMART.  The following job aids provide you with basic overview of SMART.  

For example: How to navigate, search for, locate, and use data within SMART.  

It is best for you to review all these job aids BEFORE taking any of the SMART web based training courses, before receiving any 'on-the-job' training from your Agency, and definitely before you log in and use SMART!

Job Aids

Graphic icon of an "i", indicating Job Aids within the SMART Training Materials.
  • Navigating Within SMART Pages
    Users guide to navigating within pages in SMART.
    PDF, 73.50 KB

  • Recognizing Page Controls in SMART
    Users Guide to SMART page elements and controls.
    PDF, 88.98 KB

  • Top Navigation Bar Elements in SMART
    This training document contains information pertaining to the universal navigation header in SMART: Links that help you navigate and work in SMART, including Home, Worklist, Add to Favorites, and Sign out.
    PDF, 31.66 KB

  • Using Grids in SMART
    Some SMART pages use grids to present information. Grids look similar to spreadsheets. This training document explains how to navigate and use grids in the SMART pages.
    PDF, 67.53 KB

  • Using Search Pages in SMART
    There are two types of search pages in SMART: Basic Search and Advanced Search. This training document explains the use of these two types of search functions in SMART.
    PDF, 112.04 KB

  • Using the Find Feature in SMART
    When looking at search results in SMART, you can locate a row quickly using the Find feature. This training document teaches you how to use the Find feature in SMART.
    PDF, 59.09 KB

  • Using the Navigation Pagelets in SMART
    SMART uses a menu pagelet to display a menu structure composed of a hierarchy of folders and content references that you can use to navigate to pages. This training document teaches you how to use menu pagelets in SMART.
    PDF, 45.33 KB

  • Using the Worklist in SMART
    The Worklist page provides summary information about all items in your personal Worklist. This training document shows you how to open and use your Worklist in SMART.
    PDF, 77.55 KB

  • How to Personalize a Page to Expand Sections
    This document shows how to format a page to open with all lines and accounting lines expanded.
    DOCX, 335.71 KB

  • How to Personalize to Show All Accounting Lines
    SMART allows users to personalize the way pages display to show more, less or different information, based on the user's needs. This document explains how to set SMART so accounting lines always display all lines.
    DOCX, 285.72 KB

  • Financial Manager SMART Roles & Training Recommendations
    This guide is intended to assist new agency financial managers with getting started in SMART. It includes the recommended SMART security roles and training materials that a new financial manager should review. It is organized by SMART module and includes sections on reporting and security.
    PDF, 248.28 KB