Scenario 1.4 - Decision Point 2 - Yes

Yes - The the Matched Tab - “Amount Matched” IS equal to, or greater than, the Details tab - ‘Amount Ordered’.  The PO has been fully matched and can NOT be pulled in to any future vouchers.  Additional research is required.

Graphic image of a note page icon, indicating a Note within the SMART Training Materials.  Note:  Once a PO is associated to a voucher, AND the voucher has been paid, the PO can NOT be disassociated from the voucher.

Check the ‘Activity Summary’ page (Graphic image of a road sign containing a hammer and a wrench, indicating Tools within the SMART Training Materials. PO Tool 1) > Invoice Tab > Invoice Icon Graphic image of the Invoice icon / button. (on the far right side of Invoice Tab page) to view the list of vouchers and investigate further.

Decision Point Ends.