Scenario 1.3 - Decision Point 2 - Yes

Yes - the Matched Tab - 'Qty Matched' is equal to, or greater than, the Details tab - 'Ordered Qty'.
Therefore the PO is fully Matched.

Optional:  The next section contains an example of a Quantity PO.  

This process flow continues after the following example section.

Example: Qty PO

Graphic image of an 'e', indicating an Example within the SMART Training Materials
Quantity PO Example:

PO Quantity:
Line Quantity of 1
Total of $5,000

Quantity of 1
Total of $100

Balance (encumbrance) left on PO Line = $4,900.

You can NOT use the PO Line any more because your Agency created a voucher that used the entire quantity of the PO.

Therefore, if you want to be able to make multiple payments against a PO Line, ensure the 'Amount Only' Graphic image of the 'Amount Only' checkboxcheckbox is selected for that PO Line.

For additional information about 'Amount Only' , please refer to:

PO Tool 4 - 'Amount Only' Information  Graphic icon of a road sign containing a hammer and a wrench, indication Tools within the SMART Training Materials.

End of example

Process Continues

Graphic Icon for Decision Point  Decision Point 3:  

Does a Contract ID number exist on the Purchase Order Line?