This page contains the SMART training materials associated with the SMART Expenses module. The SMART Expenses training materials are organized into the following sections:

Job Aids                                         
Training Guides     


  • Each training material section on this page contains the following elements:
    - A blue section header, containing the heading for the section.
    - An overview of the training materials within the section, located beneath the section header.
    - The training materials for the section displayed in a list format, located beneath the section overview.

  • Each section of training materials contains training material items such as training guides and job aids.
  • Each list of training materials is displayed in alphabetical order, by title (of the training items).
  • Each training material item is presented with a brief summary that describes the contents of the training material.
  • To view the contents of a training document, simply click the title of the training document.
  • Some training documents may appear in more than one section (if they pertain to multiple sections).

EX Job Aids

  • Expense Types and Payment Types -  When creating expense transactions, it is very important to select the right combination of Expense Type and Payment Type.  Selecting the right combination allows the SMART system to generate the appropriate accounting entries.  Selecting an improper combination will result in either a positive or negative Prepaid account balance which will have to be corrected on a separate transaction. 

  • Reviewing Accounting Entries for Expense Reports - The Expense Report Accounting Entries page is a very helpful tool that provides a link between Expense Report accounting entries and the GL Journals on which they are recorded.  After expense reports have been paid and posted, users may wish to review the related accounting entries. 

EX Queries