SMART Security Reminder

As presented at the November 2014 ASTRA meeting, the following information is beneficial to all users to determine responsibilities to maintain a secure and efficient environment for your agency and the State of Kansas.

Prior to the user's last day, find out if the user has any of the following:

  • Private Queries that need to be transferred to a different user.  

    • Enter a ManageEngine (SMART Service Desk) ticket requesting for the query(s) to be transferred.


  • Recurring Reports or Queries

    • Should be canceled and scheduled by a different user, if still needed
    • For entering or canceling queries, see the Job Aid, Scheduling a Query.  


  • Find out if the user is included in any Workflow

    • Take the necessary steps to set up a different agency user to take over the responsibility


  • Complete a security request to end the user's access effective at the end of the day of termination.  If the situation is urgent, enter "Urgent" in the Subject Line of the Service Desk ticket.


  • Questions about security or workflow should be submitted on a ManageEngine (SMART Service Desk) ticket.


The SMART Team will be monitoring for user terminations, but security access is an agency responsibility.  Best practice is to submit the security request before the user's last day.