Announcements - Vouchers

RESOLUTION - Wire Payments Affected by the Recent PUM Upgrade

The SMART Team has found a solution to the issue with saving some vouchers that have a wire payment method.
Effective immediately, you should be able to enter and save your wire payment vouchers just as you did before the PUM Upgrade with a payment method of WIR.  You will no longer need to choose the ACH Location as instructed earlier.  The CHK locations will also work fine.

Audit Services will be working to record the Wire Transfer on any vouchers for which the payment method could not be changed to WIR, and will contact you if they need additional information to complete this processing.

After the wires have been recorded and processing is complete, any ManageEngine Service Desk tickets related to these vouchers will be closed.

If you have any additional questions, please submit a new ManageEngine Service Desk ticket.