Announcements - Vouchers

Wire Payments Affected by the Recent PUM Upgrade

The SMART Team has identified an issue with saving some vouchers that have a wire payment method.

We are currently working on a solution. In the meantime, wire payments will still go out. Please follow the steps below to ensure your payments will process:

  1. Create your voucher as you would normally.
    1. If the supplier for your voucher has an ACH Location, please choose this location and change the method to WIR. The voucher should save with no issues.
    2. If the supplier for your voucher does not have an ACH Location, then please leave CHK as the payment method and place the voucher on Payment Hold (using the check box on the Payments tab) and Save.
      1. The voucher does not need to be approved, but it should be budget checked and matched (if applicable).
      2. Please create a Service Desk Ticket to notify the SMART Team of this wire voucher.
  2. Notify the Treasurer’s Office and Audit Services (at as you normally would about the wire transfer. The wire transfers will still go out as normal, whether or not the payment method on the voucher is WIR.
  3. After a solution is put into place, the SMART Team will work with agencies to finish processing the vouchers which could not be saved with WIR as the payment method. The Service Desk Tickets created for the CHK vouchers will be used to complete all outstanding wire vouchers.