Announcements - Vouchers

Voucher fields that retrigger workflow

If a voucher has been approved but not paid, and changes are made to the following fields, the voucher is returned to a pending status—unless it was preapproved—and is sent back through the approval processing workflow.

This is also true if any new voucher lines or distribution lines are inserted.

Changing any of the following fields will retrigger workflow and require that the voucher be reapproved.  If fields are changed related to the budgetary information, the voucher will also need to be budget checked again before it can be resubmitted to workflow.


  • Invoice ID
  • Invoice Date
  • Supplier ID
  • Total Amount
  • Currency
  • Payment Terms

Voucher line

  • PO Business Unit
  • PO ID
  • PO Line
  • PO Schedule
  • Merchandise Amount
  • Item ID
  • Quantity
  • Unit of Measure
  • Unit Price
  • Withholding Link
  • Receiver Business Unit
  • Receiver ID
  • Receiver Line
  • Receiver Schedule
  • Match Line Option
  • Distribution Method
  • Ship to ID

Distribution Line

  • GL Business Unit
  • Statistics Code
  • Quantity
  • Merchandise Amount
  • Asset
  • Asset Management Business Unit
  • Asset ID
  • Profile ID
  • All Chartfields

Scheduled Payments

  • Remit Supplier
  • Remit Address Sequence