Announcements - Vouchers

Voucher Workflow Job Aid Available

A new job aid has been published on SMART Web called AP Voucher Approval:          

Two important changes have occurred in SMART 9.2 related to voucher workflow:

  • Vouchers must now be budget checked before they can be approved.
  • There is a new approval navigation: Accounts Payable > Vouchers > Approve > Approval Framework – Vouchers

Also, users cannot self-approve vouchers they have entered.  SMART requires at least one additional user to approve the voucher so the same user cannot both enter and approve a voucher without intervention.

Agencies should also ensure that users are set up in Set A and Set B for each origin code that goes through workflow approval.

Specific questions concerning workflow can be addressed by entering a ManageEngine Service Desk Ticket with screenshots, and we can research your specific issue.

Thank you,