Announcements - Vouchers

Check numbers for zero dollar checks in SMART and on the INF03

When vouchers go through paycycle and the result is a zero dollar payment, a Payment Id Reference Number is still assigned to the payment for tracking purposes.

A common example of this situation is when a voucher is 100% matched to a setoff credit memo, the resulting payment is zero.

In SMART 9.2, zero dollar payments now begin with the letter ‘Z’, and are 11 characters in length when the payment method is System Check.  The system is adding the ‘Z’ to the number assigned to the system check during paycycle.

During the upgrade process from SMART 9.0 to SMART 9.2, all existing Payment ID Reference Numbers for system checks issued since July 1, 2010 were also updated, by inserting the leading ‘Z’ to the Payment ID Reference Number.

When payment information is returned to agencies on the INF03, Outbound Payment Data Interface File, you will now see 11 digits (including the leading ‘Z’) on the ‘001’ Row in the PAYMENT_ID_REF field (positions 84-103).  Please share this information with your IT staff so that they are aware of this change to the payment data.

The SMART Team