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Supplier ACH Update

Informational Circular 17-A-013 communicated the Secretary’s initiative to select ACH as a supplier payment method rather than system check whenever possible.

The Central Responsibilities Team is contacting suppliers paid by multiple agencies by check.  Banking information is being requested in order that an ACH location can be set up as the default payment location in SMART.

Staples and Verizon have agreed to accept ACH payments from the State of Kansas. Location 002 is now the default location with an ACH payment method for both suppliers.  Agencies utilizing interface files (INF02 or INF50) to create vouchers will need to verify the supplier location used on the interface file is the correct ACH payment location. SMART blasts will be sent periodically as suppliers are updated with ACH as the default payment method. 

The Department of Administration highly encourages each agency to use ACH as the payment method for all supplier payments.  The DA-130 must be provided to new suppliers along with the W-9 to encourage ACH as the default payment method as soon as the supplier is entered in SMART.  Agencies should also reach out to existing suppliers to set up ACH as the default payment method.  The language below has been used by the Central Responsibilities Team to communicate with suppliers; agencies are encouraged to use this language as well.

When communicating with suppliers, be sure to use the DA-130 dated 05-2017.  Submit a ManageEngine Service Desk ticket to obtain the DA-130 dated 05-2017 from the Central Responsibilities Team. A voided check or letter from the bank are ideal forms of banking documentation suppliers can attach to a completed DA-130. A deposit slip is acceptable; however, agencies must be aware that not all deposit slips have the correct routing number for ACH transactions.

Language used to communicate with suppliers:

In a continued effort to streamline work processes and to reduce the cost of state operations, the State of Kansas is now requesting ACH (Automated Clearing House) be the standard payment method for all suppliers.  ACH payments are more secure, more convenient, and are received more timely than paper checks. 

        The Department of Administration provides a web page for suppliers to view payment detail for ACH payments as well as check payments. Payment information is available for thirteen months following the issue date. Suppliers can access the Vendor Payment Self Service web page at this link:  The following link provides information about the use of this page.

Attached is a DA-130 Authorization for Direct Deposit form. This form is used to collect the information needed to change the payment method to ACH.  Please return the completed form and supporting banking documentation by replying to this email.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at (email address) or by phone at (phone number).