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Clarification for TM-21 Agency Certification section

The TM-21 SMART Supplier Maintenance Form (revised 05-2017) has a section at the bottom for agency certification.

This section is mandatory.

  • Agency Signature is the person at the agency who verified with the supplier that the requested change came from the supplier.
  • Agency Number is the SMART business unit number.
  • Supplier Contact Name is the name of the person, or the method from which new information was received.  If an invoice is received that requests an update to the supplier information, ‘per invoice’ can be written in this area.  If the information comes from an internal agency system,  ‘per **** (the name of the system)’ is appropriate. 
  • Supplier Contact Phone/Email is the number or email used to contact the supplier to verify information or  used by the supplier to contact the agency. If the supplier comes into the agency, ‘in-person’ may be used.