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Information Circular – ACH initiative and increased supplier fraud prevention practices

Information Circular 17-A-12 and 17-A-13 have been published on the Department of Administration’s website at:

Information Circular 17-A-12 provides additional steps to take to reduce the risk of fraudulent changes to supplier accounts.  The TM-21 and DA-130 forms have been modified to incorporate additional verification needed to validate update requests.  Discontinue using the old forms. 

The revised DA-130 no longer has a cancellation section.  A new form DA-130C has been added for ACH cancellations.  The revised TM-21 is located at:

Revised DA-130 will be provided via ManageEngine Service Desk tickets upon request.  Should you receive an older version of the DA-130 from a supplier, the agency certification should be added to the form prior to attaching it to the supplier record in SMART or attaching it to a service desk ticket. 

New suppliers with an ACH must have the documentation attached. If it is not attached OR if the documentation is invalid or incomplete, the ACH will be put on hold and the agency that created the supplier will be notified.

The job aid for completing the DA-130 and Creating a new Supplier have been updated to reflect the new policy and are located at:, by going to Training > Accounts Payable > Suppliers.

The new DA-130 requires the supplier provide a recent payment amount and date. DO NOT give them this information. If they do not know, direct the supplier to the Vendor Self Service website

A job aid titled “Vendor Self-Service Payment Look Up” can be provided to suppliers using this web site and is available on SMARTWeb,, by going to Training > Accounts Payable > Suppliers.