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Additional Review Required for Approval of Supplier ACH Changes

The Office of Chief Financial Officer has been made aware of recent fraudulent attempts to request changes to the ACH Direct Deposit account for specific suppliers in order to re-route payments to a bank account set up by the individual perpetrating the fraud.
Thus far, this office is unaware of any successful attempts at re-routing payments resulting in the loss of state funds.  The attempts that have been reviewed are very sophisticated with the unauthorized individual submitting information via e-mails that look legitimate and contain e-mail addresses and company logos that appear to be from the supplier.  In addition, these unauthorized individuals may contact multiple individuals to obtain different pieces of information from multiple staff members in order to not raise suspicions. 

Fraudulent re-direction of ACH payments is a crime that targets all businesses and entities.  Additional processes and procedures to further combat this risk are in review and will be released in the near future.  In the interim, all agencies are asked to take additional precautions at this time to validate any request for updates to a supplier ACH account.  Prior to approving and submitting the change request via the Service Desk, agency staff should contact a known phone number for the supplier (NOT a phone number submitted with the request or on the e-mail communication) to confirm the individual requesting the change does exist at the company and is authorized to make the change requested.  Additional confirmation steps could include having the supplier/individual requesting the change confirm the current account number and/or recent invoice number and invoice amount sent to the agency.