Announcements - Vendors

SMART 9.2 Supplier Table

Three new job aids have been published on the SMART web:
  • Checking for an Existing Supplier
  • Creating a New Supplier
  • DA130 Procedure

SMART 9.2 refers to vendors as suppliers. SMART 9.2 has an address validation system called Clean Address. This program has a direct connection to the United States Post Office.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions or problems that you encounter.

A daily conference call will be hosted by the SMART team where users can ask general system or upgrade questions.  The daily conference call will be held at 11 am weekdays beginning November 13 and ending November 20.  The conference phone number is 1-866-620-7326, code: 5874132496, and will be limited to 150 callers.  Issues regarding a specific transaction file, or security issue should be logged on a Service Desk ticket.

Thank you,

The SMART Team