Announcements - Travel & Expense

Updated DA-184 form is now available

A new version of the DA-184 Authorization for Direct Deposit of Employee Pay and/or Employee Travel and Expense has been posted to the Dept. of Administration Document Center under the Accounting Forms and Payroll Forms sections.
The new DA-184 form is a .pdf fillable form and contains updated language and a new ‘look and feel’ to make the form more intuitive for new employees.  Page 3 contains specific instructions for the requested fields on the form to provide additional guidance to individuals completing the form. 

For increased security protection and fraud prevention, the completed form is required to be printed and physically signed by the employee prior to submission to the agency.  In addition, Section B requires certification by agency personnel in order to ensure that the request for a direct deposit change has been submitted by the actual employee for whom the form is being submitted.  If the completed form is received as an attachment from the employee’s State-issued e-mail account, that can be noted as the method of verification.  If the form is received in any other manner (other than in person) the agency should contact the employee directly via phone or State e-mail to certify the requested change is from the employee.  The completed form authorizes the payment of wages/expenses due, to the account specified by the employee.  For record retention purposes, all completed DA-184 forms (even those for Travel and Expense only) should be retained in the employee personnel file until no longer in effect plus two years and then destroyed.  It is important that employee direct deposit information is accurately maintained for both Payroll (maintained in SHARP) and Travel and Expense (maintained in SMART) when an employee requests a direct deposit change.  Agencies should develop the appropriate business processes to ensure that when a change is submitted, authorization is requested for both payroll and travel and expense (when necessary) and that requests are routed within the agency to complete the system updates and store the DA-184 form in the employee personnel file.  

Web Browser Compatibility:  The web browser utilized to open the new .pdf fillable form may impact the appearance of the form based on the browser/browser version used to access the form.  Below are instructions that identify actions that may be required to achieve the optimal experience with this form based on the browser utilized by the employee/agency:

Internet Explorer and Google Chrome are the recommended browsers to access the new DA-184 form in order to utilize the on-line .pdf fillable capability to enter information prior to printing for signature.

Mozilla Firefox opens the form with an information bar at the top of the page which reads “This PDF document contains forms.  The filling of form fields is not supported” and contains a button to the right of the header bar that says “Open With Different Viewer”.  Click on the button and a pop-up box will appear that contains the questions “What should Firefox do with this file?”.  Select ‘Open with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (default)’ and click “OK”.  This will open the .pdf fillable capability of the form.

Microsoft Edge does not open the form in a .pdf fillable format.  Right-click on the form and select ‘Save As’.  Save the form to your desktop and open it from your desktop using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to get the .pdf fillable version of the form.  The saved file can also be sent via e-mail and should open in a .pdf fillable format on any PC that contains Adobe Acrobat Reader DC as the default for viewing .pdf files.