Announcements - Requisitions

REVISED - Requisitions on Sourcing Workbench in ‘POCALC in Process’ status

There is a current issue where requisitions (reqs) are not sourcing to purchase orders (POs) and become stuck on the Sourcing Workbench in a ‘POCALC in Process’ status.

This is generally caused by an agency associating a contract to a req when the agency has no authority to use that contract.

Many contracts are created for use by specific agencies and should not be used by others. All contracts should be reviewed before selection on the Office of Procurement and Contracts website’s Procurement and Contract List.

Any contract listed with a Contract Type of “Agency” is only available for use by the agency listed.

For example, contract 42135AM shown below is an agency-specific contract that is only available to Department of Transportation. No other agency has been set up within SMART to use this contract and SMART will prevent the req from souring to PO if another agency attempts to do so.

Agencies are responsible for ensuring that they have authorization for any contract they attempt to use, as well as ensuring the contract is appropriate for the purchase.

If your agency has a req on the Sourcing Workbench in “POCALC in Process” error, please confirm whether the correct contract was selected. If changes are needed, the req must be purged from the workbench first and any changes made quickly to prevent the req from being picked up by the next hourly batch process.

If you have any questions, please submit a ManageEngine Service Desk Ticket.