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Reqs on Sourcing Workbench in ‘POCALC in Process’

There are requisitions (reqs) that are not sourcing to POs and are stuck on the Sourcing Workbench in ‘POCALC in Process’ status.

This issue is only occurring in a handful of reqs, however they are all associated to contracts.

The SMART Team is aware of the issue, and is working with Oracle on a solution.

For the time being, a workaround that has had some success for agencies is to purge their reqs from the Sourcing Workbench and create a new req by copying the one that was removed from the Sourcing Workbench. Once a new req has been created please cancel the old req.

Details on this workaround:

Navigation: Purchasing > Purchase Orders > Stage/Source Requests > Sourcing Workbench

  1. In the Search Criteria enter your agency Business Unit and a Stage Status of ‘POCALC in Process’. Make note of the reqs for your agency, check the select box on the left of each line, and click the ‘Purge’ and ‘Save’ buttons.

Navigation: eProcurement > Manage Requistions

  1. Search for the reqs from the Sourcing Workbench, choose ‘Edit’ from the [Select Action] dropdown, and select ‘Go’.

  1. Once a new req has been copied, the req that was on the Sourcing Workbench can be canceled by selecting the ‘Cancel’ option from the [Select Action] dropdown for it and selecting ‘Go’.
A follow-up notification will be sent as soon as this issue has been resolved.