Announcements - Purchase Orders

PO Dispatch Issue Resolved

The issue causing purchase orders (POs) to be sent out to suppliers more than once has been resolved.

All POs that were eligible for dispatch should now be sent and system processing, including PO Auto Sourcing, should resume as normal going forward.

Please make sure that all POs with a dispatch method of ‘Email’ have an email address for the PO to dispatch to. For a successful email dispatch, there must be an email address provided in at least 1 of 2 possible places in SMART:

  1. On the supplier record, specifically associated with the supplier address number used on the PO, or
  2. Entered manually on the PO itself via the ‘Email Override’ link

If no email address is in either of these places, then please change the PO dispatch method to ‘Print.’

Continue to report any issues using a ManageEngine Service Desk request.