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Default Chartfield Date for PCard CardHolder Profile

Recently, an increased number of PCard transactions cannot be reconciled because they cannot pass chartfield status validation.

These transactions are identified on the Reconcile Statement page as having a ‘Chartfield Status’ of ‘Recycled’:

When any part of the default chartfield string assigned to a PCard is inactive or incomplete, it causes the transaction to fail chartfield status validation. 

If your agency has a PCard transaction with a Chartfield Status of ‘Recycled’, please review the chartfield information on that PCard to determine the cause.

To review the chartfield(s) assigned to a PCard navigate to: Purchasing > Procurement Cards > Definitions > Cardholder Profile page

After entering the ‘EmplID’ select the Card Data tab > Additional Information tab > Default Distib hyperlink

Required fields are:

  • GL Unit
  • Dept
  • Fund
  • Bud Unit
  • Program
  • Account

Each of the above fields must be populated and the values applied must be active. For example, if a Department ID in the Dept field has been made inactive, it must be changed to an active Department ID to pass chartfield validation.

Optional fields are:

  • PC Bus Unit
  • Project
  • Activity
  • Source Type
  • Category
  • Sub Category
  • Svc Loc
  • Agy Use
  • ChartField 2
  • Location

If your agency chooses to use any of the above optional fields, those chartfield values applied must be active.

SpeedCharts may also be used as to provide the default chartfields for a PCard:

Although Account Code is not a required field for speedcharts, it is required for PCards. Any speedchart applied to a PCard must have an Account Code value.

If the speedchart used to provide default chartfields for a PCard does not have Account Codes included, please see the Enter and Maintain SpeedCharts 03-15-13 job aid for instructions on how to update speedcharts.

For more information please consult Procurement Cards Training Guide – 01-14-14 (pages 19-25) on SMARTWeb

Once the necessary chartfield changes have been made please submit a ManageEngine Service Desk Ticket to notify the SMART Team that your agency has PCard transactions in ‘Recycled’ status and the ChartField Status on those transactions will be re-set.