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Interfund Vouchers during concurrent processing

Topic: Important Information Concerning Interfund Vouchers during Year-End

In order to keep cash transactions for Interfund Vouchers in the same fiscal year during concurrent processing, we are asking your assistance in monitoring selected dates and values on Interfund Vouchers processed by your agency effective immediately:

As you are reviewing and approving Interfund vouchers, the Accounting Date and Budget Dates must both be equal to or prior than 06/30/2012 (Invoice Information Tab). If you need to make a change to the accounting date and/or budget date, you must follow the procedures located on pages 3 – 13 of the following document

You should also remember as noted in the fiscal year-end closing circular that all FY 2012 interfunds, vouchers, and deposits that are not fully processed at the close of business on July 11, 2012 will be deleted by the SMART team beginning on July 12th.

See attachment for detailed screenshots.

Thank you,
The SMART Team

07-02-12 - Interfunds - Interfund Vouchers during concurrent processing