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Field Added in ManageEngine

To All ManageEngine Requesters,

Due to new circumstances and popular demand, a new field has been added to the ‘New Incident’ Request in ManageEngine.  The new field is ‘Priority’.  Historically, the Kansas Service Desk team has determined the priority based on the Subject and Description entered by you.  However, the need for you to be able to enter the ‘Priority’ has become apparent and we are responding to that need.   

Please honestly assess each request entered.  This will help us determine when an Emergency truly exists and needs our immediate attention.  The values for ‘Priority’ are as follows:

Emergency = Resolution needed within current day
High           = Resolution needed within 2 days
Medium      = Resolution needed within 5 days
Low            = Resolution needed within 10 days

If you do not see the new ‘Priority’ field on your page, sign out of ManageEngine and then sign back in.  And as always, feel free to contact us with questions or feedback.