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Assigning Priorities in ManageEngine

The PRIORITY field was added to ManageEngine one day ago.

An unexpected volume of tickets are being submitted with a HIGH priority. These tickets provide no explanation of the need for HIGH priority. As noted in the previous blast, the priority is used to help identify when a higher priority or an emergency truly exists. When HIGH becomes the standard, the new priority field is of no benefit.

The default priority for ManageEngine tickets is MEDIUM, meaning a resolution will be provided within 5 days. The default has been the same MEDIUM priority since July 2010. While a resolution may take up to 5 days, as is customary, most MEDIUM priority requests will continue to be resolved within a day or two.

When a higher priority or emergency truly exists, the ManageEngine request MUST include an explanation of the reason for the chosen priority. Any ManageEngine ticket with a priority of HIGH or EMERGENCY where an explanation of the urgency is not provided will be sent back to the agency in order that such explanation can be provided.